All our products are lovingly prepared by artisans using time honoured traditions. At The Meatball & Wine Bar, we use only the finest quality ingredients. Australia produces some of the best meats in the world and we are proud to use these products in our balls.

We want you to taste the beef in beef balls, so pretty much all that goes into these beef balls is beef: 100% pasture fed Black Angus beef from O’Connor in Victoria.

Our Pork balls as so incredibly delicious because we only use pork from the Black Berkshire pig, which is considered the Wagyu of pork. This pork is hand reared from a family farmer in Byron Bay.

Our fish balls are from line caught white fleshed fish from the waters of Australia. We endeavour to use fresh farmed fish like mulloway in South Australia whenever possible.

Our chicken is grown on a Lilydale property and is certified organic and free range and we only use trimmed thighs for our chicken balls.

Our Vege balls use all home grown veges which are locally sourced when in season.

The Meatball story can be traced back to the early 1900s when a small boy, Gemmo, began working with his father on cattle properties on the Northern tip of Italy. As a man he grew the family business into a successful empire, stretching from Southern France all the way down to Rome. He would bring home the most prized meat to his wife who would prepare the most amazing dishes in the kitchen and welcome the village into their home for a feast. The couple had a son whom they called Gemmo Chit, which means ‘Little Gemmo’ - who also started at an early age to work on the cattle properties.

Like his father, Gemmo Chit started working on cattle properties at an early age. As a man, he, too, would bring only the finest meat home to his wife. To this day, Gemmo Chit lives between Italy and Australia doing the thing he loves, working the land and producing amazing quality beef.  His four sons are all doing their own thing, but the love of food - particularly meat - has never been lost. The Meatball and Wine Bar is the modern day representation of what Gemmo was all about: incredible produce delivered in an uncomplicated way.